Sizing Guide

How to find your size

For new customers: If you need help figuring out your  wrist size we have an easy method that will help you find the perfect size for your band! 

Below is a chart of the top five common sizes for all ClaraMae snap-style bands.


All you need to do is follow the three steps  below, and refer to the provided illustration!

Step 1:  Determine which size Apple Sport band you use, either S/M or M/L.

    The size is located on the underside of your Sport band. 

Step 2:  Find the hole you use most often on the illustration below.

❃ Step 3:  The hole you use will point to your exact wrist size. That's it!

For Example: If you use the 4th hole on the S/M Apple Watch Sport band, you would be an XS wrist size. If you have any questions about custom sizes, using different Smart Watches, Please contact me at !



If you are and in between size than what is shown above no worries, you can still find your wrist size!

There are two ways to determine your wrist size.

  • Using a flexible tape measure
  • or a piece of paper.

Flexible Tape Measure

 This method may require some assistance for an accurate measure.

  • Wrap the tape measure around the area of your wrist where you typically wear your watch. Don't wrap it too tight; just snug enough to be comfortable
  • Where the tape measure lines up with the beginning will be your wrist size.

Paper Test
This way is similar to the tape measure. 
  • Wrap a strip of paper comfortably around your wrist, marking on the paper when it meets the beginning of the strip. 
  • Laying it flat, measure the distance from the beginning of the strip to where you marked. 

Again, If you have any questions or issues about sizing please feel free to contact me at

I’m more than happy to help you find your size!